How to Troubleshoot a Dell Laptop Keyboard | Infotechline Reviews

There have been some documented issues with Dell laptop keyboards, and sometimes a few quick troubleshooting steps can save you from total laptop keyboard replacement. Whether it is simply a power issue or a loose screw problem, quick-and free-fixes for your keyboard may exist. If not however, keyboard replacement on your laptop is a completely feasible option, with just a screwdriver and some necessary parts from Dell in hand.

1.) Restart your computer. This should always be attempted first for any type of computer malfunction.

2.) Check the connections for your laptop. Is the battery indicator light on the laptop on? Is the computer AC adapter, if in use, plugged soundly into your power outlet? You may be trying to wake your computer up from sleep via a keyboard press, but there may be no power reaching your laptop whatsoever. Try switching power outlets in case one individual outlet is malfunctioning.

3.) Look at your Dell computer closely. Flip your laptop over. One of the leading causes of keyboard failure in Dell laptops are the screws in the bottom of the laptop case. Locate a small Phillips head screwdriver, and tighten those screws up. For many people, this may solve the problem.

4.) Consider replacing the keyboard of your Dell computer, if possible, if none of the above work and there is no other obvious problem. (Resources) is a good place to start to order parts depending on your laptop-for further parts information, also check the documentation that came with your laptop. Get your replacement laptop in hand, and lay your laptop (turned off) flat on an even surface.

5.) Use the included plastic scribe from the package to wedge it under the hinge cover’s corner, which is located on the upper right face of the laptop keyboard area. Work the scribe carefully back and forth until the hinge comes loose and can be removed.

6.) Look at the sides of the laptop. There will be one or more screws on each side of the laptop, visible following the removal of the cover. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove all these screws.

7.) Insert the plastic scribe again, this time under the keyboard. You will have to disconnect the connectors and the cable that hold the keyboard in place, and then carefully lift it out. Disconnect the keyboard cable.

8.) Use the new keyboard and put the keyboard cable into the cable socket within the laptop, making sure it is secured. Slide the keyboard back into the unit, making sure to line up all the connectors.


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