Blue screen error is common window error in these days. The problem is how we can get rid of blue screen error? Blue screen error (BSOD) is not easy to elucidate this issue via an application or program. People usually option for a fresh installation of Windows. According to Info Tech Line we have to do some simple things to get rid of blue screen error. There are the some solutions to get rid of Blue screen error:-
1. We should keep the tower (CPU) neet and cleen (specially CPU fan).
2. Before make some hardware or software changes we need to sure its compatible with particular hardware.
3. When you will see blue screen error on system its keeps on restarting the computer after the period of time. For this go to system properties (press window +R and type “sysdm.cpl”)and choose advance option. In advance tab click on settings under the startup and recovery and uncheck the automatically restart. Close the window after hit ok.
4. You need to do clean boot, for this (press window + R and type “msconfig”), system configuration window will appear , under this window choose startup tab and uncheck all applications . click on apply and ok then Restart the computer .
5. If the blue screen error still exist then we have the last option which is “system restore ”. we need to restore the system on previous date from beginning of blue screen error. In order to restore the system , click on start – control panel – backup and restore – recover system settings on your computer – open system restore, after click on that you will see the system restore window . click on next and if there is restore point created then you can check the date and select it. After click on ok system restore will start. You can also open the restore window this way:-
Press Windows key and Type ‘System Restore’ in the search box .
Choose restore point fro the list then System Restore window will appear then Follow the instructions on your screen .

Surely you will solve the problem with doing above solutions. blue screen error may also result from a corrupted hardware. If the problem still exists, you are suggested to contact your manufacturer or supplier to assist you with the hardware issues.


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