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Windows Update is an extremely useful tool that helps your computer and your OS to perform to its optimal level with minimum hassles. When turned on, Windows Update would silently collect all the updates from Microsoft and then install them when you shut down your computer or when you manually decide to get the updates.

While Windows Update is no doubt an extremely useful tool and application that helps the OS in performing to the best of its capabilities, Windows Update itself can sometime cause a lot of problems. Usually, due to a wide variety of reasons that are beyond your control, the computer hangs or freezes while installing the updates. I have personally experienced these issues quite a lot.

Once, I pressed the shut down button and the Windows update started to download a patch. I knew that once the update would be configured, the PC would shut down and thus, left the PC as it is and went to the market. Even on return, the updates were being configured. Many people face similar dilemmas during an update configuration.

Here it remains important that you understand the problem and tackle it correctly so that you end up successfully fixing Windows Update.

Windows Update not Working?

Usually people start to panic too early when updates are being configured and do something that ends up causing the problem. Knowing when to panic can really help.

Here are the steps By Info Tech Line reviews :-

  • Wait for around 30 minutes while the updates are getting configured.
  • Check your hard drive activity light to see if it is blinking consistently or not.

Before starting to panic and before starting to think that there is a problem with Windows Update, you must firstly ensure that there is a problem. Mostly, people perceive that a problem is prevalent when it actually doesn’t exist. As a result, any measures that are taken to solve the problem do nothing but create a problem.

Therefore, it remains a must that you first verify the issue and then panic and see how the problem can be averted. To do this, you should wait for at least 30 minutes or more and should check your hard drive’s activity light. A patch or update might be very large in size and might take some time leading you to believe that the computer has frozen.

By waiting 30 minutes, you can give the update enough time to be downloaded and configured. After the 30 minutes, see the activity light.

If it is consistently blinking then the system would be still processing something. However, in most cases the blinking would be non-existent showing that the computer has frozen and that now it is time for you to panic.

Windows Update Service not Running?

Now that you are sure that the problem lies with the update, you should move on to your second problem i.e. what to do next? Here are the things that you can try:

Here are the steps By Info Tech Line reviews :-

  • Press Ctl+Alt+Del to login again and reboot the system again.
  • Cut the power from the main line or turn off the PC through the power off button.

Once you are sure that the computer has frozen, you should try to unfreeze it somehow. You can do this by trying to open the Task manager through the Ctrl+Alt+Del shortcut. If the system allows this then you can easily login again and end the update.

However, in most cases, you won’t be able to do this and thus, turning off the PC through the power off button or switching off power remains your only two options.

Manual Fix (Expert Users Only)

When the update process would freeze, a simple restart won’t be good enough to get your PC back to normal.

Here are the steps By Info Tech Line reviews :-

  • Start your Windows in Safe Mode and restore your PC to a point before the update.
  • Repair the Windows.
  • Start fresh by formatting the drive where the OS was installed and reinstall it.

In most cases, after a Windows update failure which prompts you to restart your PC, either you won’t be allowed access to the desktop screen or the computer would hang once you access the display screen. In such a case, you should first try starting the windows in Safe Mode. In Safe Mode, your PC would run with the minimum requirements that Windows requires for booting.

If the computer loads properly in Safe Mode then you should try to restore your OS to a previous point where your computer acted normally. However, if you don’t get the chance then repairing your OS remains a great option. In case the problem still doesn’t get solved then you would be left with no option but to format your hard drive where the OS is installed before reinstalling it.

This option should be your last choice as it would involve a lot of data loss on your part.All in all, fixing Windows Update and the issues it can cause can become extremely easy if you follow the instructions given above. By not panicking at first and confirming the problem and tackling the problems with a cool mind, you should be able to restore your PC to its normal condition within no time.

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